what is Talewind?

from paper to reality

Talewind is a platform which allows any entrepreneur to present a project and find the support to make it real. People who believe in it can join the project by making small or large contributions.


Talewind helps both parties in unique ways: Once your business plan has been forged, we will help you promote it on a worldwide level. We then accompany you in any step where you need assistance: be it for cost analysis, legal assistance, logistics, our professionals are ready to help you.


Through Talewind, contributors get a special role in the realization of a project:

Through our Talewind platform, we offer adventurer an international visibility allowing them to find investors ready to fund them. Once sufficient funding is obtained, Talewind will analyse the feasibility of the project. If our team deems it realistic, we will put all our Talewind expertise at the entrepreneur’s service. Be it logistics, legal advice, administrative structures, our professionals provide flexible and tailored support in order to realize the project in a cost efficient way. Talewind offers many advantages to entrepreneurs: the project maximizes the likelihood of success by benefiting from our expertise and easy access to investors reassured by our transparency and reward policies. Entrepreneurs save time, money, and administrative difficulties with Talewind.

We insure the project’s success with a close partnership between our team and the entrepreneurs as well as a tight monitoring of the fund’s appropriate use. But most importantly, by supporting a project with Talewind, the investor will obtain a small part of the company newly created (share of the company). Talewind presents many advantages to investors by offering a complete new crowd funding model. The platform guaranties investors transparency regarding their contribution, offers regulation over the project they believe in, creates a new way to participate, and likely financial returns because of the consulting services provided to entrepreneurs.

Talewind offers a completely new crowd funding model! Our difference regarding our competitors lies in the greater vision provided to investors through the grant of shares from the newly created firm. This structure allows for complete transparency and prevents the misuse of funds. On the other hand, our consulting services provide entrepreneurs with the tools for success averting them from being victims of the usual start-up pitfalls. From then on, it is now possible for anybody to become an entrepreneur with just an idea.